Receiver functions and time-to-depth migration calculations


rfmpy is a set of Python scripts for 1) calculating receiver functions (RF) and 2) performing time to depth, in a 3D spherical coordinate system.

We use these codes to estimate new profiles and a new Moho depth map for the broader European Alpine region, based on four temporary seismic networks (i.e., AASN, EASI, CIFALPS, PACASE).

For a few more details on this project, have a look at our manuscript entitled “Moho depths beneath the European Alps: a homogeneously processed map and receiver functions database” published at Earth System Science Data (ESSD). The receiver function dataset, we use in the work above is freely available on the following Zenodo repository.

The codes are actively developed on GitHub.

How to Cite

If you use rfmpy, consider citing the related publication:

  • Michailos, K., Hetényi, G., Scarponi, M., Stipčević, J., Bianchi, I., Bonatto, L., Czuba, W., Di Bona, M., Govoni, A., Hannemann, K., Janik, T., Kalmár, D., Kind, R., Link, F., Lucente, F. P., Monna, S., Montuori, C., Mroczek, S., Paul, A., Piromallo, C., Plomerová, J., Rewers, J., Salimbeni, S., Tilmann, F., Środa, P., Vergne, J., and the AlpArray-PACASE Working Groups, (published at ESSD), 2023.