rfmpy is currently at development and are subject to change at any time. Also please note that, at least at this stage, the codes are designed to reproduce our results. For different applications the codes will need to be modified. The codes are only tested on Linux OS.

It is recommended to install rfmpy inside a Conda environment to preserve your root environment. You can download Conda at the following link.


Once you have installed conda, open a terminal (Linux) create a new environment with the following dependencies using:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda create -n rfmpy python=3.6 pip obspy=1.2.1 matplotlib numpy pandas basemap cartopy shapely fortran-compiler
conda activate rfmpy
conda install -c anaconda ipython=7.13

Install from source:

git clone
cd rfmpy

Once you clone the project open a terminal in the top directory (the one containing and type the following to install the functions and make em available everywhere on your machine (within your environment).

pip install .

In case, you would like to run the gmt codes you can create a separate conda environment using the commands bellow:

conda create --name gmt6
conda activate gmt6
conda config --prepend channels conda-forge
conda install python=3.9 gmt